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Carl A. Worthington AIA, ASLA

Since 1962, Carl A. Worthington & Associates has focused on Architecture, Urban Design and Master Planning for significant work, not measured by size, but by relevance to how a project’s development impacts its investors, the community, the built-environment, and setting. Projects such as the Denver Technological Center, Westminster Promenade, Downtown Pearl Street Mall in Colorado, and the Kigali City Master Planning in Rwanda have been highlights in his prominent career. Working around the world in over 14 countries, he has been creating complex themed mixed-use environments that become the “heart” of the setting they find themselves in, whether an urban center or a new community. Since 2002, Carl has acted as Director of Urban Design for OZ Architecture.
​Selected Awards


2011 American Planning Association Pierre L’Enfant International Planning Award - Kigali Sub Area Plans
2010 American Society of Landscape Architects “Analysis and Planning Award” for Kigali, Rwanda
2008 American Planning Association “Daniel Burnham” Comprehensive Plan Award for Capitol City Kigali,Rwanda
2007 AIA Kigali Conceptual Master Plan Award
2007 ASLA Kigali Conceptual Master Plan Award
2000 American Planning Association - Colorado Chapter Award for Planning Excellence, Westminster Promenade,Westminster, Colorado
1999 American Institute of Architects,Colorado North Chapter Architect of the Year Award
1984 University of Colorado Distinguished Service Award for improvement of the environment both locally and internationally




University of Southern California - School of Architecture
Bachelor of Architecture, 1961
Colorado #200617
California #C8975
Arizona #11400
Kansas #2147
New Mexico #3626
Iowa #5356
NCARB National
Architectural Certificate
CLARB National Landscape Certificate 

Selected Relevant Experience


Major Urban Mixed-use/Town Centers


  • Superior Town Center, Superior, CO

The development of the new Town Center inlcudes approxmately one-million sf. of office, commecial, entertainment, accommodations and residential land uses within the 84-acre site.


  • Konza Technology City Phase 1 Master plan and Development Guidelines

For a population of 30,000 people to be located 60 km southeast of Nairobi, Kenya.  The 5,000 acre final city build-out has a potential population of 250,000 people.


  • Kigali Conceptual Master Plan, Rwanda, Africa

An expanded new Capital City for three to four million people, including King Faisal Hospital System.


  • Lake Muhazi Resort District, Rwamagana, Rwanda

18 km Lake Master Plan


  • Conceptual Master Plan for the City of Rwamagana, Rwanda

200,000 - 300,000 people


  • Bugesera International Airport Master Plan, Bugesera, Rwanda

  • Kinyinya Town Center, Kigali, Rwanda

205 Ha. Mixed-Use Town Center for 30,000 people.


  • Kimihurura Urban Center, Kigali, Rwanda

50 Ha. District with convention center, office, residential, retail and entertainment.


  • Roberto Resort, Kigali, Rwanda

76 Ha., 6 hotels, conference center, memorial and residential neighborhood.


  • Masaka Sector, Kigali, Rwanda

4,500 Ha. New mixed-use community for 350,000 population.


  • Tomakomai Town, Tomatoh, Hokaido, Japan

3,000-acre New Town for a population of 100,000 people *


  • Colorado Crossing, Colorado Springs, CO

150-acre mixed-use Town Center envisioned as the "heart" of north Colorado Springs. Program included book retail, book office, 600-room hotel/conference center, water park, cathedral and 1,600 residential units.    


  • Denver Technological Center, Denver, CO

850-acre mixed-use Urban Center that includes office, commercial, residential, hotel and recreational uses - over 23 million square feet completed.   


  • City Walk, Universal City, CA

425-acre urban pedestrian-oriented Entertainment Center including residential,             office, retail, entertainment, hotel and parking uses. *


  • Southwoods Ecocentrum, Town Center, South Manila, Philippines

150-acre mixed-use entertainment, retail, hotel resort celebrating the Filipino culture.   


  • Rinku Town Urban Center, Kansai, Japan

31 Ha. mixed-use Urban Center adjacent to the Kansai International Airport. *'


  • Natori Town Center, Dendai, Japan

500-acre new community. *


  • ​Kishiwada Port City Center, Kishiwada, Japan

41 Ha. mixed-use Waterfront Center. *


  • Nagoya Gateway Project, Nagoya, Japan

126 Ha. mixed-use entertainment; business and leisure district on an island adjacent to the new Nagoya International Airport. *     


  • Baiyangdian Hot Springs Resort, Beijing, China

2,800-acre destination resort including hotels, theme park and water park and airport. * 


  • Malacca Waterfront Resort, Malacca, Malaysia

350-acre International Resort/New Community including hotels, shopping and entertainment. *


  • Vancouver Port Resort, Vancouver, B.C.

Proposed waterfront casino/resort with two new cruise ship slips. *


  • Chula Vista Bayfront Resort, Chula Vista, CA

148-acre Resort Village including hotels, entertainment, retail and residential. *


  • Boulder Pearl Street Mall, Boulder, CO

8 square blocks of Redevelopment Master Plan including retail, office, entertainment and civic uses along 4-block pedestrian mall.  


  • Boulder Transit Village, Boulder, CO

Initial concept sutdies for 115-acre mixed-use "hub" of the larger proposed 450-acre Transit Village area, containing the Commuter Rail Station and Bus Rapid Transit facility.   



Additional Projects



  • Vail Village Inn, Vail, CO

3-acre Urban Design Plan inlcuding 35,000 sf. of commercial, residential, and health club uses.


  • ​Mark Marriott Resort Hotel, Vail, CO

350-room hotel remodel/expansion


  • Snowmass Village Center, Snowmass, CO

Plan for core of Snowmass Village


  • Snowmass Club, Snowmass, CO

75 guest rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, athletic club outdoor pools and pro shop.


  • Village at Avon, Avon, CO

175-acre Resort Village to serve the Vail Valley. *


  • ​Playcar Resort Hotel, Quintata Roo, Mexico

159,000 sf hotel, 50 condominium units with a 290,000 sf commercial plaza


  • Westin Hotel/Conference Center, Westminster, CO (Urban Design)


Transit-Oriented Development

  • Abeline Station TOD, Aurora, CO

18 acre, dense and compact pedestrian scaled mixed-use development that supports transit ridership by providing multi-modal connectivity to the station and serves as the "social" heart of the neighborhood.


  • Erb I-225 TOD, Aurora, CO

Initial studies for two I-225 Corridor Light Rail Stations and adjacent residential and service retail uses.


  • County Line TOD, Douglas County, CO

Master planning for approzimately 8 acres located in a transit-oriented district that includes residential, service/retail uses making this a perfiect lifestyle/work environment across the street from the County Line Light Rail Station Park n' Ride.


  • Lincoln Station TOD, Douglas County, CO

53-acre mixed-use office, retail, residential district surrounding the Lincoln Station Light Rail Station just south of Park Meadows Shopping Center.


Urban Mixed-Use/Town Centers

  • The Hill Commercial Context Study, Boulder, CO

A comprehensive urban design vision for the revitalization of the declining University Hill Commercial District, intended to guide and inform the urban design and architecture of individual block-scale buildings with the district.


  • Westminster Promenade East, Westminster, CO

The 50 acre Westin Hotel/Conference Center, office, ice center, retail/restaurants and Feestival Plaza along a pedestrian promenade and lake.


  • Gold Hill Mesa, Colorado Springs, CO

217-acre master plan for mixed-use residential development anchored by a town center.


  • Minturn Revitialization Plan Vision Guide, Minturn, CO

The plan details an urban design framework plan and identifies specific public improvements including gateways, community amenities/facilities, parks, plazas, streetscape, architecture, bikeways/trails, circulation and parking improvements, way-finding and signage, and opportunity sites for infill and/or redevelopment.


  • Harmony Road Mixed-Use, Fort Collins, CO

100-acre mixed-use community along a major east-west corridor, incorporating mid box and small scale retail, office above retail, library, hotel and mixed density residential throughout the site, within a traditional neighborhood framework and anchored with a "town square."


  • Superior Town Center, Superior, CO

150-acre town center (downtown) adjacent to "original town."


  • 4th Street Promenade, Sioux City, IA

A 2-block pedestrian/auto promenade entertainment district that includes a cineplex, retail/restaurants, and hotel


  • Cascades at Carlsbad, Carlsbad, NM

35-acre mixed-use development along a canal including entertainment, restaurant, retail, and hotel district adjacent to downtown.


  • Litchfield Park Village Center, Litchfield Park, AZ

41-acre village center including retail/commercial, residential and civic uses.


  • The Fairplex Village Center at Hillsboro, Hillsboro, OR

158-acre mixed use village center with a new light rail system.


  • City Walk, Universal City, CA

425-acre new urban pedestrian-oriented activity center including residential, office, retail, entertainment, hotel and parking uses. *


  • Napa Expo, Napa, CA

34-acre mixed-use village on old Fairplex site celebrating the wine country.


  • Aurora Reservoir Parks and Utilities Master Plan, Aurora, CO

Overall master plan for 3100-acre Aurora Reservoir site to compatibly accommodate existing and programmed recreation and open space uses and the Aurora Water Purification Facility.  Plan included master signage plan and design, architectural concepts and landscape concepts and design guidelines.


  • Estes Park Downtown Redevelopment, Estes Park, CO

Streetscape and redevelopment plan for downtown including Confluence Park.


  • Lodi Elm Street Redevelopment, Lodi, CA

New 2-block pedestrian oriented promenade/entertainment zone in Lodi's downtown that includes retail, office, cineplex and park n' ride/transit station.



* Done as Design Principal with the Jerde Partnership International



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