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Architecture - Selected Projects

Linden Residence, Boulder, CO

The Linden Residence is a passive solar house dug into the hillside overlooking Boulder.  The house has since earned a "Landmark of the Future" designation.

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Carl A. Worthington Partnership


5 Denver Technological Center, Denver, CO

5 DTC was designed as a multi-tenant office building for DTC Corporate Headquarters, with Kodak as a major tenant in the 80,000 SF building.  Inspired by the South-West Pueblo architecture, it became a landmark in DTC, saving seven acres of land by putting the parking below the plaza.  The Communication Center, "Comcent", was one of the first rear screen, computer activated presentation centers in the U.S. in 1969. 

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Carl A. Worthington & Associates, LLC

Park Place, Denver Technological Center, CO

Park Place is a multi-tenant office building with two levels of parking below, rising above a plaza serving commercial uses.

Carl A. Worthington Partnership

3-4 Denver Technological Center, Denver, CO

This complex was designed to be built in two phases with two buildings connecting together creating a grand atrium and interconnected 2nd and 3rd level floor plates, allowing great flexibility in leasing.  The two 11 story buildings were designed with state-of-the-art mechanical systems utilizing the efficiencies of natural daylighting.  The two buildings were set on a large plaza deck that covered two levels of open-air structured parking.  Due to the 1984 Colorado recession, it was not constructed.

Carl A. Worthington Partnership

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